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Increasing the level of female entrepreneurship in the UK is an economic priority with high level political support.

In the UK, women are still only half as likely to be business owners as men; with the gap between male and female entrepreneurship being almost 50% larger than it is in the USA (Source: Global Entrepreneurship Monitor statistics, 2009). The existing level of UK women owned businesses are contributing between £50-£70 billion in annual gross value added to the UK economy (Source DTI, now BIS, analytical unit).

It is estimated that if the same proportion of women in the UK as in the USA were to set up in business, the UK would gain another 750,000 businesses. Given the existing value of women owned businesses to the UK economy; it is possible that such increases could add at least £25 billion to UK revenues per annum.

Four of Blue Horizons’ Associates were previously Women’s Enterprise Policy Advisors to the UK Government and were instrumental in the development and implementation of the DTI’s ‘Strategic Framework for Women’s Enterprise .’ Individually, our team has niche expertise in specific areas including Access to Finance for Women Entrepreneurs. Jackie Waring led the stakeholder group working with the finance industry, government and development organisations to tackle some of the issues around finance which both prevent some women from starting up and have also resulted in significant under capitalisation at start up.

Within the UK, our team has extensive experience working at policy and strategic level with the DTI, Small Business Service, Treasury, Regional Development Agencies, Scottish Executive, Scottish Enterprise, Local Enterprise Companies and other business and economic development agencies.


Team members have also done extensive international work often collaborating with key experts around the World. Four of Blue Horizons team members are also founding directors of the international Centre for Growth in Women’s Enterprise (CGWE).

In addition, Jackie Waring is also an Advisory Board Member to the Global Banking Alliance for Women, administered by the World Bank / IFC in Washington DC.


Team members regularly undertake research projects for a variety of clients, often leading a team of researchers or as part of a consortium. Below are links to two recent reports:


The Regional State of Women’s Enterprise in England

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