Culture Pulse™

Culture Pulse

What is Culture Pulse™?

Culture Pulse™ is a measurement tool designed to support change management initiatives, climate surveys for staff, customers and other stakeholders and measurement of an organisations performance against values or critical success factors.

Who can use it & what for?

  • Senior managers assessing performance against targets and how effectively organisational values are being practiced.
  • Human Resources or Organisational Development departments surveying attitudes and perceptions amongst staff.
  • Marketing Departments measuring brand success.
  • Corporate Affairs for assessing internal communications.
  • Consultants (internal or external) supporting clients with change management programmes.

How does it work?

Via a web based system, questions are developed and an email issued to your staff/customers/stakeholders (as appropriate) with a link to the web-survey where the recipients enter their responses. These responses are automatically collated and the results shown graphically. This allows for instant analysis, measurement and visual display of performance against pre-determined targets.

Where needed, consultancy support can be provided to identify relevant measures pre-survey and to identify appropriate action based on results analysis.

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culture pulse

Get your finger on the Pulse……how healthy is your organisation?

Culture Pulse® is a powerful tool that helps improve performance. It has been developed to help companies and public sector organisations measure their current culture, set targets for improvement and identify what needs to be worked at to achieve that strong positive performance orientated culture

Analysing current performance, it will measure the effectiveness of your business culture and help you to set targets and monitor ongoing performance improvement.

The Culture Pulse® team of consultants will work closely with you throughout a process which is 100% customised to your organisation.


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